To preserve and conserve the rural, cultural and historical character of the hamlet of Brookhaven and surrounding areas in Suffolk County, New York. This includes undeveloped real estate to be kept in its natural state as a sanctuary, open space or natural garden and improved and developed land to be used for the maintenance and care of such properties as well as for possible display and exhibit of appropriate collections.

Such collections may include native implements, books, maps, antiques, memorabilia and artifacts as well as gifts and testamentary bequests or devises. Improved properties may include agricultural lands and historically and culturally significant properties which are in keeping with the rural and historic character of the Hamlet and surrounding areas.

The Foundation shall receive gifts and testamentary bequests or devises and administer same to promote and perpetuate the foregoing objectives as well as to use and apply the whole or any part of the income there from and the principal thereof exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the limitations of the Certificate of Incorporation of this Corporation

The Morrows

The Post-Morrow Foundation was born out of Thomas and Elisabeth Morrow's love of the rural countryside. They envisioned the creation of woodlands, meadows and streams as wildlife sanctuaries for all to enjoy . It was also important to them to stem the tide of suburban encroachment in the Brookhaven area.  Since it's establishment in 1969 the trustees of the foundation, along with community support, have endeavored to fulfill their dreams.

Elisabeth Morrow

Elisabeth Morrow

Thomas Morrow

Thomas Morrow

Board of directors & Staff

Bruce T. Wallace   President/Director    

Bruce T. Wallace


Thomas B. Williams   Vice President   

Thomas B. Williams
Vice President

Lynn Brown   Secretary

Lynn Brown

Virginia Everitt   Treasurer

Virginia Everitt

Thomas Ludlam   Chairman of the Board

Thomas Ludlam
Chairman of the Board

Florence Pope   Administration

Florence Pope

Jim Hazard   Facilities Manager

Jim Hazard
Facilities Manager